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Jordan Anderson


Christal Frost

Owner/Creative Consultant

Wait, so, this is a video production company named...Pancake Boy Productions?  Huh?

See, back in the day,"Pancake Boy" was the nickname given to co-owner Jordan Anderson by the staff of his favorite all-night diner, a shorthand for the server to yell back to the kitchen when he'd walk in so the cook could have a shortstack ready in no time.

One could draw a few parallels between this story and today's Pancake Boy Productions.  After all, it was Jordan's first experience with really good customer service.


Sure, breakfast food and social media & TV ready videos & written content are different, but the approach Jordan and his partner, Christal Frost, take to serving their clients is no different: get to know them, understand what they're looking for, anticipate their needs and over-deliver in a way that really sticks with you.

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