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Thank you for reaching out to Pancake Boy Productions!

Your message was excitedly received by our Inquiry Specialists, who took your request to heart.  They decided that someone as great as you deserves much more than just an email, so they lovingly transcribed your words onto a beautiful old scroll with an old-fashioned quill pen.  Then, they rolled it up, put a ribbon around it, gently scented it with perfume, put it in a tube, pressed a button, and WOOSH!  Off your request went to our Scheduling Experts.  They eagerly crowded around your message, carefully going over every single word, so that they could figure out how we at Pancake Boy Productions can best meet your needs.  

Once they have split into small groups and acted out every possible scenario in which to help you, they will all turn their keys at the same time, unlock the Big Red Button in the center of the room and, with everybody placing a hand on it, simultaneously press down together…which will send you back our reply.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!


- The Pancake Boy Team

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