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Our Approach

We value two things above all else:

1) Telling good, compelling stories, and --

2) Making sure that WHAT your audience sees is contextual to WHERE they're seeing it.

That second one might sound a little confusing, but allow us to explain.


A television commercial is not necessarily good for social media, and vice versa.  And, even when you've created something FOR social media, a good Reel is not easily portable to LinkedIn.

There are subtle differences to how similar information needs to be presented in different places.  The message needs to be tweaked not only because the platforms (social networks, etc.) are different, but because the mindset of the user is different in different places.

Here's an example of what we mean when it comes to social media:

Pillar Content

First off, we create your main, full video.  Great for your website, mailing list and social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as YouTube.

Cutdowns (Square)

Then, from that main video, we make shorter clips, :60 seconds and under, that summarize one single idea.  These square videos are perfect for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.  

Captions are very helpful, as many users browsing social media on their smart phones don't have the audio turned on/aren't in a place where they can hear it.

Cutdowns (Vertical)

Similarly, we take the same approach for vertical videos, formatted for Instagram Stories & Reels, TikTok & more.

Written Content


Finally, it's important to not discount the power of the written word.  We can transcribe the main video and edit the material into written posts that can be shared on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Efficient Content Creation

So, from that "pillar" content, we were able to produce 5 additional pieces of content that can used to help reach customers and supporters.

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